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The Beatles:

  • Paul McCartney
  • John Lennon
  • George Harrison
  • Ringo Starr

    For your convenience, I have rated every link listed here. My rating system is on a scale from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the best. The links are then listing in descending order.

    General Links

  • The Fab Four Trivia Game *****
    I really like this site. It is a trivia game that includes 75 questions about the careers and lives of the Fab Four. You can sign in and out whenever you like, and your game is saved for you.
  • Helter Skelter ****
    This page has lots of info on the Beatles and their subsequent solo careers, and it also has a chat room and links to other guitar and drum sites. As an added bonus it has info on the band "Pigs With Wings," which includes the page's owner.
  • Mike's Beatles Links****
    Lots of links. Lots and lots of links. Divided nicely into categories, although you had better support frames to get the nice formatting.
  • Pepperland ****
    This page has lots of different pictures of the Fab Four, divided up by year and including all the album covers.
  • The Spanish Beatles Page ****
    This page is also in both English and Spanish. It has good resources, such as lyrics for supposedly every Beatle song, as well as a good number of links and other stuff.
  • The Ultimate Band List: the Beatles ****
    Lots of links, grouped under audio/video, FAQ's, midi files, archive, news, lyrics, and tablature.
  • McCartney Multimedia's Beatlestuff Page ***
    This page is maintained by Ruth and Angie McCartney, who are apparently the step-sister and mother, respectively, of Sir Paul. It has several links and pictures of Paul with his family. Also, it has an article by Ruth about the chemistry between John and Paul, which is an interesting read.
  • Songs, Pictures, and Stories of the Beatles ***
    This site is primarily a place for collectors. It features prices and information on lots of different memorabilia related to the Beatles. It also has a good links section.
  • Troni's Beatles Archive ***
    This page has a lot of info for those living in Germany, but it also has complete discographies for the Beatles as well as some other eclectic information that probably won't be found somewhere else, such as information on Beatles-related TV and the "Beatles' Legacy Listings."
  • The Ultimate Beatles Archive ***
    This page is in both English and Spanish, and it has a nice collection of multimedia items, such as desktop themes, pictures, and soundclips.
  • Beatlerama *
    This page basically only has an essay on the author's love of John and a few links.


    Paul McCartney

    Well, I have to say that Paul has always been my favorite, mostly because we share birthdays (the same day, not the same year, mind you), and I like his solo music better than that of the other three. So, I have more links for Paul than the others, but I'm working to even it out.

  • PLUGGED - the unofficial Paul McCartney homepage ****
    This is a nice site, with a huge links page and lots of info on Paul's radio show, Oobu Joobu. It also has a nice section on songs not originally released on an album as well as info on lots of fan clubs around the world.
  • Jorie Gracen's Paul Photo Page ***
    This page has many pics of Paul from his different world tours, with a caption describing the situation of each.
  • Maccaland ***
    This page has a biography, a discography and other Paul info, as well as MIDIs and desktop themes for Windows.
  • MPL Communications ***
    This page has lots of info, such as a discography, a biography, the official fan club magazine, and Paul's very own radio show. It also includes several other musicians, such as Buddy Holly. The only problem with this site is that every page contains large photos, and you must load the photos to see the links and menus.
  • Paul is Dead?!? ***
    A large text document that contains all the different evidence of Paul's death.
  • Pietkivitch's 'Paul is Dead' Page **
    This text document contains all the clues pointing to Paul's death, but apparently the author disagrees with the popular rumor.


    John Lennon

  • Bagism ****
    This page has lots of neat features, like a chat room, reader polls, quizzes on Beatles trivia, and reader art work, as well as the standard info like a discography and biography.
  • John Lennon's Guitars ****
    This is a very interesting page, focused on the many different guitars that John played.
  • The Prose and Poetry of John Ono Lennon ****
    This page is nice because it contains many excerpts from different writings of John, which are hard to find on the web. His writings are hilarious, so it's worth checking out.


    George Harrison

  • Cloud Nine ****
    This is an excellent page with a discography, picture gallery, links, lyrics, and much more.
  • A George Harrison Discography ***
    This page contains a large and extensive discography of George's work, both solo and with the Beatles.
  • Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews: George Harrison ***
    This page reviews all of George's solo recordings.


    Ringo Starr

  • The Ringo Starr Internet Site ****
    This is an extensive site of information about Ringo, including a biography, a discography, a list of his film and TV appearances with reviews, as well as links to other Beatles pages.

    Now, if you maintain a Beatles page and you don't object to being listed on my page, I'd love to have you. Feel free to e-mail me at to contribute either your page or some other good Beatles page of which you know. If you maintain a site that I have listed here and object to my rating, you should also write to me and explain your objection; it is very possible that I could have missed a feature of your page or that you have updated it since I last looked at it.

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