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Simpsons Characters:

  • Homer J.
  • Marge
  • Bart
  • Lisa
  • Grandpa Simpson
  • Ned Flanders
  • Monty Burns
  • Wayland Smithers
  • Chief Wiggum
  • Troy McClure
  • Lionel Hutz
  • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
  • Krusty the Clown
  • Groundskeeper Willy
  • Otto the Busdriver
  • Patty and Selma

    General Sites

    There are a ton of these links, and I don't get to verify them nearly as often as I would like. So, though I would normally ask you to send me a message if a link is broken, don't bother because probably by now a lot of these are broken and I will fix them as soon as I get a chance - I promise!

  • Official Simpsons Site

  • Alf's Simpsons Page
  • The Simpsons Archive
  • The Simpsons in France
  • The Simpsons in Germany
  • The Simpsons in Mexico
  • Picks' Tribute to the Simpsons
  • Collecting Simpsons!
  • Anton's Simpsons Page
  • Richard Hillman's Simpsons Page
  • The Unofficial Simpsons Site
  • Brian Upshaw's Simpsons Page
  • Doug Yovanovich's Simpsons Page
  • Chris Elsey's Simpsons Page
  • Chris Uhl's Simpsons Page
  • Dave Hall's Simpsons Pages
  • Fredrik Bolzek's Simpsons page
  • Gavan MacCormick's Home Page
  • James Cherry's Simpsons Page
  • Jim Thompson's Simpsons Page
  • Joel Majka's Simpsons Page
  • Jon Elofson's Simpsons Stuff
  • Jorian Schutz's Simpsons Page
  • Joshua Seadia's Simpsons Page
  • Lee Maguire's Simpsons Page
  • Matt Smedley's Simpsons Page
  • Matthew Kurth's Simpsons page
  • Maverick's Simpsons Page
  • Ondre Lombard's Simpsons Page
  • Pat Bowman's Simpsons Page
  • Pat's Simpsons Page
  • Peter Kurek's Simpsons Page
  • Richard Robinson's Simpsons Page
  • Seth Jentner's Simpsons Page
  • Rory John Deering's Simpsons Page
  • Steven Sakis' Simpsons Page
  • Stuart Jackson's Simpsons Page
  • Sugar Bear's Simpsons Gallery
  • Tim Atkinson's Simpsons Page
  • Todd Schnack's Gopher Site
  • Todd Schnack's ftp achive
  • Tripp's Simpsons Page
  • UltraClay's Simpsons Page
  • Scottum Rosenblum's Simpsons Page
  • Harry Shearer: The Simpsons Page
  • George Phillips' Simpsons page
  • Linda Clapper's Simpsons Page
  • Phil's Simpsons Page
  • James Watkin's Simpsons Page
  • John Desisto's Simpsons Page
  • Jonathan Swayze's Simpsons Stuff
  • Daryl Storey's Simpsons Page
  • Helen Thornton's Home Page
  • Jeremy Shurygalo's Simpsons Links
  • Mary Brown's Simpsons Page
  • Nostromo's Simpsons Page
  • Peter Kurek's Simpsons page
  • Absolut's Simpsons Page
  • Chris Nilles' Simpsons Page
  • Dan Phillips' Simpsons Page
  • Daniel Weinstein's Simpsons Page
  • Dave Gus' Simpsons Page
  • Evan's Simpsons Page
  • Gary Clough's Simpsons Page
  • Hyunsuk Kim's Simpsons Page
  • Jaim wolfe's Simpsons Page
  • John Strong's Simpsons Page
  • Jon Finkel's Simpsons Page
  • Keith Boyd's Simpsons Page
  • Kenneth J. Pajak's Simpsons Page
  • Matt Barnes' Home Page
  • Robert Bayless' Simpsons page
  • Steve Rapport's Simpsons Page
  • Dawoud J. Al-Haddad's World of Darkness: The Simpsons
  • Erwen Tang's Simpsons Page
  • Alison's Simpsons Homepage
  • David Mocko's Simpsons Page
  • Dylan Humphrey's Simpsons page
  • George ElKoura's Simpsons Page
  • Jonathan Horniblow's Simpsons Page
  • Jukka Keskiaho's Simpsons Page
  • Matthew Smart's Simpsons Links
  • Mooks' Simpsons Page
  • Neel Master's Simpsons Links
  • Richard E Blauvelt's Simpsons Page
  • Ryan C. Ward's Simpsons Page
  • Simon Devitt's Simpsons Page
  • Stephen Jacob's Simpsons Page
  • W. Darren Prouty's Home Page
  • Werner Peeters' Simpsons link page
  • Dean Nairs Simpsons Site
  • Stephen Jacob's Simpsons Page tons of links
  • wOOp! - The Simpsons!
  • Simpsons Web Site
  • Dave Hall's Simpsons Page
  • Don's Simpsons Page
  • Hemphill's Simpson's Page
  • Robert's Ultimate Simpson's Page
  • Simpsons Site from
  • Worst Simpsons site on the WWW
  • Alladin's Simpsons Page
  • Parduist's Simpsons Page
  • Tripp's Simpsons Page
  • Chris McPhee's Simpsons Page
  • David Meehan's Simpsons Page
  • James Watkins' Simpsons Page
  •'s Simpsons Page
  • Simpsons Archive from digimark
  • Simpsons Archive
  • Simpsons Links
  • Tribute to the Simpsons
  • Mike Semtak's Simpson's Page
  • The Simpson's Online
  • David Connor's Simpson's Page
  • Mike McCormick's Simpsons Page


  • Rob Malick's Simpsons gifs directory
  • Pacific Data Images' 3D animation of Homer and Bart
  • KiTae Kim's Simpsons pictures

    Sounds and Multimedia

  • Ronan Casey's Simpsons sounds
  • Scott Baker's Simpsons Sounds
  • Slothworks' Simpsons Sound Gallery
  • SunSITE's Simpsons Sound directory
  • Wendi Kawa's Simpsons Sounds Page
  • Michael Moyer's Simpsons Sound Page
  • Mike Shafe's Simpsons Sounds
  • Rob Malick's Simpsons sounds directory
  • John Whetstone's Sounds Page
  • James Inman's Simpsons Sounds
  • Jim Wild's Simpsons Halloween Sounds
  • Goofy's Simpsons Sounds Page
  • Dave Witzel's Simpsons Sounds
  • David A Pugh's Simpsons Sounds
  • Homer's Proverb lots of Simpsons sounds
  • David Meehan's Simpsons Sounds
  • David Shenk's Simpson Sounds
  • Digital Age Communications's Simpsons Sounds
  • Eric Legault's Simpsons Sounds
  • Dave Draper's Simpsons Sounds
  • Brian's Simpsons Sounds
  • Jeff Hagan's Simpsons Sounds Page
  • Nathan's MooV Server: Simpsons Movies
  • Another Simpsons Web Chat
  • Alan Braverman's Simpsons Multimedia page
  • Camron Fox's Simpsons Quicktime archive
  • G Herk's Multimedia Dip
  • A Simpsons Software Site
  • Simpsons Movie and Sound page
  • Simpsons Sounds
  • Ryan Linville's Simpsons Sounds
  • Andrew Downs's Simpsons Sound Page
  • Duane's Simpsons Picture and sound archive

    Creative Stuff

  • Ground Zero Rates The Simpsons
  • The Simpsons Font for the Mac (PD version)
  • The Simpsons Font for Windows (PD version)
  • The Simpsons Play Othello
  • The Spying at the Wall (Simpsons ASCII Art)
  • Joshua Lerner's Simpsons Geography page
  • Richard Clark's tour of The Simpsons House
  • Shanti Bithi's Virtual Scrabble with The Simpsons
  • John Olsen's Mentalism Ala Simpsons
  • Michael Rodman's Simpsons Essay
  • Juha Terho's Simpsons Episode List
  • Joshua Galun's best Simpsons line list
  • Christopher D. Leuty's favourite Simpsons Quotes
  • Jonny's Simpsons Trivia Page an Interactive Simpsons Trivia Page
  • Simpsons Randomising Multimedia Sound Sampler you get six different characters with an associated sound on each reload.
  • Simpson's Trivia Page

    Who Shot Mr. Burns?

  • Who shot Mr. Burns?
  • Haynes Lee's Super Dude theory
  • Toby Donaldson's The Jurytron 2000
  • Shot Mr. Burns (part II) episode capsule
  • Christian Larocque's Crime Scene map


    Homer Jay Simpson
    voiced by Dan Castellaneta

  • Nick Hart's Homer sounds
  • Anton Prastowo's Homer Simpson's "Mmms"
  • Raymond Chitolie's Homer Simpson page
  • Todd Kerpelman's Homer Page
  • Jeremy Smith's Homer Simpson Page
  • John Tashiro's Homer for Windows
  • A Homer Simpsons Sounds Page
  • Homer Simpson's Page
  • Sounds of Homer J. Simpson
  • Talking Homer Simpson Page
  • Wisdom of Homer J. Simpson

    Bart Simpson
    voiced by Nancy Cartwright

  • Randy Eccles' BartEyes II for Windows

    [Lisa Blowin' the Blues]

    Lisa Simpson
    voiced by Yeardley Smith

  • The Lisa Archive
  • Robin Armstrong's `Lisa Simpson Goes Vegetarian' article

    Chief Ralph Wiggum
    voiced by Hank Azaria

  • Jeremy R. Yospin's Ralph Wiggum Web Page
  • Ralph Wiggum Fan Club
  • Shannon's Chief Wiggum Homepage

    [Troy McClure]

    Troy McClure
    voiced by the late Phil Hartman

  • Chris Lehr's Troy McClure Page
  • The Troy McClure Worship Page

    Lionel Hutz
    voiced by Phil Hartman

  • Amir Livne's Lionel Hutz Page
  • Haynes Lee's Lionel Hutz Page


    Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
    voiced by Hank Azaria

  • Eliot Williams' Apu Home Page
  • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Page

    [Krusty the Clown]

    Herschel Krustifsky, a.k.a. Krusty the Clown
    voiced by Dan Castellaneta

  • Michael Rusignola's Krusty the Clown homepage

    [Crazy Willy]

    Groundskeeper Willy
    voiced by Dan Castellaneta

  • Groundskeeper Willy Page


    Otto Mann, a.k.a. the busdriver
    voiced by Harry Shearer

  • Dr. Tongue's 3D House of Otto!!! Dr. Tongue's dedication to Otto

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